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About Us

You can feel confident about what ingredients and practices are involved in you and your family’s food. Atayeb al Jabal offers a variety of authentic food products that are prepared locally & traditionally, making them free of additives &  preservatives. Order nationwide catering online via Atayeb al Jabal. Atayeb al Jabal provides a modern approach on your favorite traditional dishes, and so much more. All prepared by rural women.

Social Impact

Atayeb al Jabal is a social empowerment initiative and an online source of delicious, traditional food products. We provide authentic and ethically sourced products that are exclusively made by women in rural areas. Your purchase from Atayeb al Jabal directly supports local food production and talented rural women while preserving traditional food practices in some of the world’s most remote locations. You’ll fall in love with the homemade flavors and cultural food experiences offered with the Atayeb al Jabal online menu.

Our Products

Prepared by rural women.

Indulge your senses with the savory aroma and the nostalgia that you’ll feel with food products prepared by the ones who live with nature. Atayeb al Jabal offer you catering delicacies with the best practices and ingredients in mind.

Our Mission

Atayeb al Jabal is committed to empowering women in rural areas by providing them a platform to sell their food products. We aim to build bridges between some of the most remote areas of the world and the global marketplace.
Atayeb al Jabal catering food products can be traced back to each individual women producer. We want to ensure our customers feel confident and good about their food choices.

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