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Where Lebanese Heritage Meets Rural Vibes!

Our Products

  • Chocolate Rice Balls 4.00 $

    Eshmoon’s puffed rice balls, a delightful blend of whole, full-fiber rice dipped in chocolate. Enjoy them as a perfect breakfast or all-day snack, a delicious treat to satisfy your cravings with every crunchy bite.


    Rice, chocolate.

  • Arak Farid Cinammon 25cl 9.00 $

    Experience the true spirit of Lebanon with “Arak Farid Cinnamon” a premium Lebanese Arak infused with the warm and aromatic essence of cinnamon. This traditional anise-flavored spirit captures the essence of Middle Eastern hospitality and culture. Pairs perfectly with desserts. Perfect for sharing cherished moments with friends and family.


    *This winter arak version, creates a warm merge between the anise and the cinnamon, where it pops out the anise flavour and bursts the sweetness of the cinnamon.

  • Smoke House w/BBQ Sauce 0.93 $
    Tchips is not your ordinary snack . It’s a tornado of flavors. Fun in shape and delicious in taste, these snacks redefine the classic chip experience. Take a flavorful leap and try Tchips now for a snacking adventure like never before. Barbecue Flavor, Smokey and deep grilling BBQ thrill.



  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ML 9.50 $

    Experience the finesse of our well-balanced, organic Lebanese Extra Virgin Olive Oil, exclusively crafted from handpicked, mature Souri olives for a fruity essence and gentle peppery finish, perfect for elevating your favorite dishes. Enjoy it with fresh salads, dip it with crusty bread, or use it with any other recipe that calls for it.


    Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Who We Are

Established in 2017, Atayeb Al Jabal is a Lebanese social enterprise dedicated to authentic flavors, supporting small-scale producers, and providing ethically sourced mouneh, artisanal products, and catering services. Souk Atayeb Al Jabal, our vibrant community exhibition, showcases Lebanon's diverse culture. We offer nationwide catering for corporate events, sourced from the finest community kitchens. Committed to supporting startups, we provide access-to-market business services for effective growth and success.


Connecting you with tens of rural vendors from the comfort of your home! Our website offers a wide range of Lebanese authentic mouneh and artisanal products from different Lebanese areas bringing authenticity and the fast e-commerce shopping experience together.


Atayeb Al Jabal's large network of vendors enables us to cater all over Lebanon, we curate catering from the best community kitchens and micro-enterprise caterers in Lebanon. Atayeb Al Jabal is the best catering fit for all corporate events.

Business Accelerator

Our business accelerator and business services are aimed at empowering startups, COOPs, and MSMEs, allowing them to build thriving businesses and achieve future goals. Using our extensive business network, Atayeb Al Jabal aids businesses with viable products, identifying target audiences, crafting tailored marketing materials, and providing ongoing support for effective execution.
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