Our mission is to support startups, COOPs, and MSMEs every step of the way, so they can focus on their core strengths - building thriving businesses and realizing their future goals.

Drawing upon its extensive business network, Atayeb Al Jabal helps businesses with viable products identify their target audience, develop tailored marketing materials and communication strategies, and provides essential tools and ongoing support to execute their action plans effectively.

Services offered

We offer a diverse range of services such as:
• Assessment, Market Study and Benchmark
• Branding and Marketing Strategies
• Sales and Distribution Channel Strategies
• Participation at Souks and Exhibitions
• Enhancing Online Presence including social media coaching sessions
• Networking, Lead Generation and
• Partnership Opportunities
• Food Safety Consultations
• Taking corrective actions and reporting results/impact

Through our go-to-market business stream, we empower startups to navigate the complexities of market entry, foster customer connections, and establish a strong market presence.

Success stories

  • Implemented a fruit drying system with an activation motor.
  • Installed a 150cm air curtain for product cleanliness and safety.
  • Conducted extensive lab tests for food safety, including Pesticides and Aflatoxin, and provided recommendations.
  • Enhanced product branding and labeling for a professional market presence.
These enhancements strengthen Qobeih Cooperative's ability to efficiently deliver high-quality, safe products, gain consumer trust, and compete effectively in the market.

  • Acquired and implemented fruit slicing and juice pressing machines.
  • Complied with LIBNOR regulations for NL 239 jams and NL 234 orange juice (Codex - dried fruits-free).
  • Ensured food safety through comprehensive lab tests, including microbiological and chemical tests, with recommendations.
  • Elevated the branding and labeling for a professional market presence.
These enhanced features support Neswa's ability to offer safe, high-quality products, effectively market them, and stand out in a competitive market. This can help attract and retain customers and expand their market presence.

  • Market Expansion and Branding:
    • Implemented comprehensive marketing and branding strategies, including rebranding from “Cactora” to "Terrab," creating a new logo, brand identity & guidelines, corporate presentation,
    • Enhanced online presence through social media coaching with SMART goals, a detailed roadmap, and a tactical calendar.
    • Organized professional photoshoots for higher content quality.
    • Received support for content development and a website landing page creation.
  • Sales and Distribution Strategies:
    • Diversifying sales activities and channels
    • Integrated Terrab into our business clusters for networking opportunities
    • Actively participated in local markets and exhibitions
    • Facilitated connections with potential collaborators including interior designers, landscape architects, coworking spaces and malls
    • Successfully implemented two pilot projects at HEX coworking space and The Spot Mall

Funded Projects

November 2020 - June 2021
  • ARE Activity #001: Supported the recovery of F&B SMEs in Beirut after the Beirut port blast.
  • Funded by USAID, in partnership with Chemonics International with a collaboration between LebRelief, Rural Entrepreneurs, and Atayeb Al Jabal.
  • Atayeb Al Jabal managed comprehensive public outreach and marketing efforts including photography, videography, content creation, and media production.

March - August 2022
  • Project implemented by CESVI Lebanon and Atayeb Al Jabal and funded by the European Union in Lebanon and Al Majmoua.
  • Aimed to support three women-led production cooperatives in Lebanon.
    1. Neswa in Nabatiyyeh, South Lebanon
    2. Bibo's Food in Rashayya, Western Beqaa
    3. Qobeih Cooperative in Qobeih, Upper Metn
  • Cooperatives received in-kind and technical assistance.
  • Key areas of focus: food safety, quality control, and branding to enhance productivity and local market competitiveness.

July - December 2023
  • Program funded by UNICEF to assist five GIL alumni startups in agri-food and artisanal sectors.
  • The support is provided through a post-program follow-up process that aims to:
    • Facilitate market access
    • Provide comprehensive business support, including branding, optimizing online presence and marketing strategies
    • Integrates GIL startups into Atayeb al Jabal's business clusters networking opportunities
    • Focuses on developing effective strategies to increase sales and establish sustainable business models for startups.

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